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Auburn Community Hospital

“We have made great progress in our financial reporting during the two years I have been here. Sentry’s data analytics software is the next step in this process. Our hospital is very good at addressing issues when we know what they are. The problem has been the time it takes to identify them. If we can identify trends and outliers on an almost concurrent basis, and drill down into the detail, the sooner we can address issues financially and operationally. It is very easy in a community hospital to lose a significant amount of money in a short period of time. It is much more difficult to do the opposite.”

Jason Lesch

Chief Financial Officer
Auburn Community Hospital

Boston Medical Center

“Now that we have DataNext, we’re confident that we have both a tool and a methodology to ensure consistent, quality assurance in our billing practice, which will lead to increased revenue capture far into the foreseeable future. Achieving a 280 percent ROI is just the tip of the iceberg for BMC. We’re excited to apply this solution to many additional areas of our organization and are confident the results will be commensurate to – or even better than – those we discovered through the pilot. The DataNext value proposition is clear…the money you invest, you get back – and you get it back quickly, which I think is a very strong selling point.”

David Twitchell

VP & Chief Pharmacy Officer
Boston Medical Center

Maury Regional Health Center

“Maury’s long-standing partnership with Sentry Data Systems has enabled us to successfully manage our 340B program. Prior to DataNext, gathering the appropriate data was very challenging. Now the data is readily available. We are impressed with the amount of revenue we were able to capturebecause of the DataNext product and are now seeking to use their proprietary dataset and analytics capabilities to help us better manage our bigger book of pharmacy business.”

Jeff Binkley

Director of Pharmacy
Maury Regional

Three Rivers Health logo

“We were literally standing on the precipice of the shared savings conundrum. With our current ACO arrangement, CMS basically gave us a three-year scholarship to learn how to do population health management. But we had to get our arms around our costs quickly. With the use of the Agilum Service Line Costing & Profitability module, we were able to get the real-time access to data needed to generate the reports in a timely manner.”

Steve Andrews

Chief Financial Officer
Three Rivers Health

Lincoln Health System

“We were asked to produce a report each month for the leadership team, which took several hours to pull together and the assistance of multiple people from different departments to complete. This was a very manual and tedious process but upon partnering with Agilum to use their Service Line Costing & Profitability and Productivity Management modules, they were able to automate all reporting and eliminate the manpower and resources we had to allocate to this task.”

John K. Lavender

Chief Information Officer
Lincoln Health System

Regional Health

“Sentry’s focus has always been on helping the health system become more effective in managing its pharmacy and supply chain to aggressively remove costs from its organization. Effective analytics starts with having good clean data – data you can trust – from a partner that operates with a collaborative, transparent approach to delivering exceptional results. Even before we’ve fully gone live with our implementation, DataNext has enabled us to identify a significant improvement opportunity in our drug procurement and distribution process that impacts an estimated 14,000 pharmacy transactions and accounts for more than $23M annually.”

Dana Darger

Director of Pharmacy
Rapid City Regional Hospital

Knox Community Hospital

“The Agilum Service Line Costing & Profitability module is not only saving the finance department time, but it’s also streamlining the process for service line leaders to access real-time financial insights via an intuitive and user-friendly reporting system.”

Danielle O’Brien

VP of Finance
Knox Community Hospital

“Data analytics plays a critical role in navigating patient outcomes in today’s healthcare environment. Working with Sentry’s impressive data platform will open the door to optimizing treatment plans and improving patient, which is a core objective for our team every day.”

Dan Allison

Vice President and General Manager Healthcare and Life Sciences
NTT DATA Services