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Our revolutionary patient data intelligence platform delivers analytics that can help you transform your continuum of care from volume to value. Contact us today to learn how we can help you unleash the power of your data.


340B solutions that give you more control over your 340B program

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Customers using our Sentinel module are able to limit their average WAC spend to just 10% of their total drug spend. See for yourself how our innovative data network can deliver immediate impact across your organization.


“We have made great progress in our financial reporting during the two years I have been here. Sentry’s data analytics software is the next step in this process.”

Jason LeschChief Financial Officer
Auburn Community Hospital

“With SLCP, I can analyze specific insurance payments to make sure I am getting paid correctly and that my payments are running above my costs, which gives me the leverage I need to manage my payer contracts.”

Angela SheltonChief Financial Officer
Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital

“Now that we have DataNext, we’re confident that we have both a tool and a methodology to ensure consistent, quality assurance in our billing practice, which will lead to increased revenue capture far into the foreseeable future.”

David TwitchellVP & Chief Pharmacy Officer
Boston Medical Center

“Prior to DataNext, gathering the appropriate data was very challenging. Now the data is readily available. We are impressed with the amount of revenue we were able to capture because of the DataNext product.”

Jeff BinkleyDirector of Pharmacy
Maury Regional

“Upon partnering with Agilum to use their Service Line Costing & Profitability and Productivity Management modules, they were able to automate all reporting and eliminate the manpower and resources we had to allocate to this task.”

John K. LavenderChief Information Officer
Lincoln Health System

“Data analytics plays a critical role in navigating patient outcomes in today’s healthcare environment. Working with Sentry’s impressive data platform will open the door to optimizing treatment plans and improving patient, which is a core objective for our team every day.”

Dan AllisonVice President and General Manager Healthcare and Life Sciences
NTT DATA Services

“DataNext has enabled us to identify a significant improvement opportunity in our drug procurement and distribution process that impacts an estimated 14,000 pharmacy transactions and accounts for more than $23M annually.”

Dana DargerDirector of Pharmacy
Rapid City Regional Hospital

“The Agilum Service Line Costing & Profitability module is not only saving the finance department time, but it’s also streamlining the process for service line leaders to access real-time financial insights via an intuitive and user-friendly reporting system.”

Danielle O’BrienVP of Finance
Knox Community Hospital

“With the use of the Agilum Service Line Costing & Profitability module, we were able to get the real-time access to data needed to generate the [CMS] reports in a timely manner.”

Steve AndrewsChief Financial Officer
Three Rivers Health

“Before implementing Sentry’s eRx Eligibility Check module, our eligibility checks showed claims coming from multiple locations, but since installation, these issues of ‘dual providers’ has been resolved and we are now much more compliant.”

Patricia DeMasso-AndersonMaterials Management Admin
University Hospital, SUNY Upstate Medical University

“Since we began using eRx Eligibility Check, the time it takes to do the audits has been considerably less. In just three invoicing periods we’ve seen a 30 percent increase in benefit and a 30 percent bump in claims. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

Kelly HartmanOpportunity Program Manager
University Hospital, SUNY Upstate Medical University

“We appreciate the extra time and effort Sentry takes to get everything set up correctly. My grandfather used to say ‘If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right the first time.’ I have lived by that mantra and I certainly feel that Sentry does that best.”

John M. KirkManager of Pharmacy Systems
Tops Markets, LLC

“Sentry walked us through the audit process step by step, from gathering documents and pulling reports, to providing the requested claims information and more. Really, throughout the entire process, Sentry’s team was invaluable — we are incredibly pleased with the audit assistance we received.”

Sarah Layton340B Manager
Perry County Memorial Hospital

“From the start, the auditors recognized Sentry’s 340B management tools as tested, solid and proven, and their established reputation set the tone for a successful audit.”

Matthew PharrManager of Pharmacy Business Services
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“Sentry Data Systems is the undeniable premier leader in 340B compliance solutions. Whether it’s their account managers, their IT team or upper management, they are all very responsive and knowledgeable. I am very pleased to have experienced their dedication to my complete satisfaction.”

Alexander MansourDirector of Finance and
340B Compliance Officer
Henry Ford Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

“Where we were green – Sentry’s 340B Compliance and Audit Team is seasoned. We’re fully versed in the legislation and we use the system every day but we can have tunnel vision at times based on what we use and what we need to know. The Sentry team knows the system and the legislation inside and out and that knowledge was invaluable during the auditor’s onsite visit.”

Bryan McCormick340B Program Specialist
RWJBarnabas Health

“Sentry didn’t just introduce us to their system and set up the secure patient data exchange—they helped us sort through the intricacies, opened doors for us with the pharmacy chain and drug wholesaler and helped facilitate the process with OPA. If we didn’t have this relationship, we would have to dramatically restructure the way we work and the services we offer to our patients.”

Peter Bancroft, CPAPresident and Chief Executive Officer
WellOne Primary Medical and Dental Care

“We received a letter from a HRSA auditor notifying us of an upcoming audit, and we never would have made it through without the support of Sentry’s team. No matter how good you are at navigating the system, finding information and generating reports, it’s great to have the Sentry team literally right by your side throughout the process.”

Brenda HammonsAssistant to the CFO and CIO
Nathan Littauer Hospital

“Our apprehension at being one of the first participants in the initial 2012 audits of the HRSA/OPA 340B program was calmed by our strong, firm relationship with Sentry Data Systems. They provided assistance in data gathering, answering questions of detailed data system operations, providing two staff members on-site during the HRSA/OPA auditor’s visit and system review follow-up for optimum program integrity.”

Bruce LatimerDirector of Pharmacy Services
Kingman Regional Medical Center

“When my pharmacy was selected for audit by HRSA, Ivy and Michael were present through the entire audit process, and were invaluable in providing data to the auditor in real-time and answering questions regarding how the software worked. Having these knowledgeable representatives on-site made the process flow smoothly and quickly. I highly recommend Sentry as a company and their Sentinel product.”

Therese Caliendo, PharmDOperations Director, Pharmacy Services
CHI Health, Immanuel Medical Center

“Sentry provided us the tool with which to teach (our pharmacy buyers) what 340B was, and it also provided the means to provide them with virtual, real-time reporting on cost savings so that they could see the results of their work.”

Maribeth RouseffAssistant Vice President of Employee Health Services and Wellness Advantage
Baptist Health South Florida
May 2018 Kirsh HFMA

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