180822 Atlas Training Article - Sentry offers new Atlas training tool to help 340B customers “know more”

Sentry offers new Atlas training tool to help 340B customers “know more”

At Sentry, we recognize that access to real-time information is crucial to making better business decisions; after all, nowhere is real-time data more pertinent than in healthcare. Just as patient data and treatment information is ever-changing and needs to be at your fingertips at a moment’s notice, we understand that you also need real-time access to information about how to optimize your 340B compliance and analytics software. Having the tools to empower your organization to make smarter 340B decisions quickly and efficiently can improve your ability to better serve the patients in your community.

With that in mind, Sentry will be offering its 340B customers a new, interactive training tool called Atlas that’s built right into the software applications you’re already using every day. Atlas eliminates the need to leave the platform to go to separate tutorials or electronic learning systems. In addition, the “micro-learning” method of Atlas offers short, speedy tutorials and answers just what you need in that moment, without having to sift through overwhelming and unnecessary information in a traditional help menu. Atlas will be integrated into the Sentinel application as of August 30 and will be available for Sentrex users before the end of the year.

From any page within your Sentry application, you’ll be able to access Atlas training materials with one click, without ever leaving the page or tab you’re on. Atlas will show you information relevant to where you are right now and give you what you need to know in real-time, offering you guided application walk-throughs, video tutorials and answers to commonly asked questions. The learning videos that can be found throughout Atlas were created by our own training team, based on real questions we’ve gotten from customers, to offer a more personal touch to virtual learning. It even offers a suggested on-boarding training path for new users.

Simply click on the compass icon in the lower right corner of any screen within the Sentry application, and you’ll be able to learn more about its features and functionality, including:

  • Ordering: Learn how to build a pharmacy drug order based on your wholesaler of choice and have greater visibility into your eligibility and drug spend.
  • Drug mapping: Discover insights into creating and understanding the relationship between NDCs and the CDM when buying from your wholesaler. This is important for tracking cost information and provides you with the ability to identify additional savings opportunities.
  • Financial reports: Learn not only how to pull reports, but, through various examples, better understand the financial impacts of your 340B program.
  • Inventory management: Learn how to maximize opportunity for 340B savings and identify potential over-purchasing that may be occurring, as well as where errors exist in mapping and how to correct them.

Once Atlas launches on August 30, Sentinel users signing on for the first time will get a quick popup video showing how Atlas works, and then the compass will appear on any tab you visit, for easy access when you need it. Sentrex users will also see the compass and the FAQs, but tutorials won’t become active until later this year. Atlas will supplement our other support, live training, and Sentry Success Community services and is offered to all 340B customers at no additional cost.

Sentry has always led the industry in offering customer training that empowers you to succeed with our tools, from implementation to go-live and throughout the duration of our partnership. Atlas is one more way you can expect more—more thoughtfulness, more efficiency, more innovation and more value. We invite you to let Atlas be your guide as you learn more with Sentry.