Sentrex eRx Eligibility Check

Sentry Data Systems launches powerful new Sentrex eRx Eligibility Check module to radically improve 340B accuracy, compliance and benefits

Sentry Data Systems, Inc. announced today the launch of eRx Eligibility Check, a module that incorporates a new data extract to use a hospital system’s existing e-prescription data to capture 340B eligibility and potentially improve financial benefit to the covered entity. By using the eRx Eligibility Check module’s initial extract to get up and running, hospitals can start realizing benefit in as little as 45 days.

Each 340B covered entity must ensure program integrity and maintain accurate records that comply with program requirements, while also being subject to audit by the manufacturer and the federal government. Failure to comply could leave the 340B covered entity liable to manufacturers for refunds of discounts, or could cause removal of the covered entity from the 340B Program.

Studies show more than 50 percent of the adverse findings in 2016 HRSA audits are linked to a prescription generated outside the responsibility of the covered entity. With the eRx Eligibility Check, covered entities have experienced improved capture rates by combining the Sentrex core data sets with the ePrescription file within Sentry’s 340B solution suite and tightened eligibility checks for prescriptions and patient service locations.

“We’re tipping the scales by adding an additional electronic piece of information from a compliance and financial benefit perspective, one that is fully automated to prevent human errors,” said Dawn DeAngelo, Chief Pharmacy Officer of Sentry Data Systems. “All of the information within the eRx Eligibility Check data extract is already linked so it verifies that the drug came from a specific physician, at a specific location for that patient.”

The eRx Eligibility Check module requires just a few key pieces of data from an organization’s HIS system, including standard e-prescription data from existing software. The new extract is sent to Sentry to match the filled prescription to the patient prescribing event. Configurable eligibility checks are performed to qualify 340B prescriptions.

“Since we began using eRx Eligibility Check, the time it takes to do the audits has been considerably less. Because the data is so clean, the time per sample has decreased because it requires less poking around and research to find the proper documentation,” said Kelly Hartman, Opportunity Program Manager, University Hospital, SUNY Upstate Medical University. “In just three invoicing periods we’ve seen a 30 percent increase in benefit and a 30 percent bump in claims. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

With an additional data extract to deliver, test and implement, eRx Eligibility Check can help hospitals improve accuracy, enhance compliance and capture additional benefits in as little as 45 days.