Sentry Data Systems Announces Healthcare Business Intelligence Technology Platform

HealthBIT brings financial, operational, and clinical visibility to hospitals

Deerfield Beach, FL, Sentry Data Systems today announced HealthBIT®, a healthcare business intelligence platform for hospitals. HealthBIT® provides full operational, financial, and clinical visibility to hospitals by qualifying, aggregating, and comparing their data to provide actionable opportunities that result in hard-dollar savings.

HealthBIT® provides multiple analytical tools that focus organizations on their clinical and operational challenges and allow them to effect immediate change. Combining multiple disparate data sources, HealthBIT® constructs a longitudinal electronic patient and physician health record that can be queried with impressive speed and includes all associate clinical and financial information available. Through the application of stock analytic tools, organizations can hone in on disruptive clinical or financial trends that if changed can impact their financial viability.

“The cornerstone of any successful healthcare organization will be healthcare business intelligence”, said Travis Leonardi RPh., C.P. President and Founder of Sentry Data Systems, “HealthBIT® is a tool that quickly and clearly identifies issues by proactively alerting users before these problems can negatively impact them.”

HealthBIT® includes a medical protocol engine that provides users a framework to construct and view the results of clinical protocols within their organization, a pharmacy safety module that identifies areas of pharmacy procurement concern, a pharmaceutical cost analysis engine, and a geographical analytical tool. In addition, HealthBIT® provides a notification engine and several other reporting tools that qualify, aggregate, and compare a hospital’s data to provide opportunities for financial savings.

HealthBIT® can provide these features to hospitals because it leverages the power of Datanex®, Sentry’s powerful healthcare informatics platform. Datanex® can be integrated with any combination of Healthcare Information Systems and currently supports millions of patients across the country. Datanex® provides information to users via a secure, web delivered interface that requires a minimal technology footprint

“Designing HealthBIT®, we wanted to create a platform that would let us efficiently identify variations in pharmacy administration, materials management utilization, patient care patterns, patient safety/ med error patterns, and third party resource utilization. With HealthBIT®, a user can benchmark these variations against a host of clinical, financial, and operational metrics and freely apply financial and clinical protocols to measure their effectiveness,” said Dr. Kirsh DO, MPH, Sentry’s Chief Medical Officer.

HealthBIT® is Sentry’s third technology solution along with Sentinel RCM™, a hospital revenue cycle management platform, and Sentrex™, a pharmacy claims processing infrastructure.