Sentry Data Systems and Scripps Health have cracked the code with data oriented insights that reduce total spend

Sentry Data Systems and Scripps Health crack the code with data-driven insights that reduce total spend

Sentry Data Systems announced today that Scripps Health, a private, nonprofit, integrated health system based in San Diego has selected Sentry’s analytics solution, DataNext®, to drive best-in-class outcomes for its 700,000 patients.

Travis Leonardi, CEO at Sentry Data Systems remarked, “Scripps is an innovator in providing high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based care. Sentry’s proprietary data set and analytics engine and unparalleled pattern recognition algorithms generate metrics that leverage data from the hospital’s clinical, operational and financial systems to reduce length of stay, readmissions, and total cost of care.”

According to Kenny Scott, Executive Director of Pharmacy Operations at Scripps, “We’re increasingly challenged with reduced reimbursements, looming penalties through government initiatives and a highly complex patient mix, and realized we needed a solution that would provide real-time, transparent insights into our true cost drivers and quality indicators. At the end of the day, we chose DataNext for its robust longitudinal patient data warehouse. We feel we’ve cracked the code by including both claims and clinical information to enable us to deliver the right care in the right setting to minimize cost and deliver quality outcomes.”

Scripps is using DataNext, in conjunction with Sentry’s proprietary data set of more than 82 million patients, in their efforts to:

  • Triage patients to the right care at the right time in the right setting
  • Implement evidence-based patient care plans
  • Reduce inappropriate admissions and readmissions
  • Optimize length of stay
  • Dissect episodes of care to better understand each component’s cost
  • Manage pharmacy costs

Within the first six months of use, DataNext identified approximately $2.2M in potential opportunity for Scripps related to pharmacy data governance and revenue integrity. In addition, Scripps was able to leverage DataNext’s comparative analytics capability to identify an opportunity to improve alignment of care delivery within a specific patient population. While this project is still in its early stages, estimates indicate opportunity for cost reductions of up to 37 percent coupled with increased opportunity for additional reimbursement.

About Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

Sentry provides technology solutions to help hospitals and other covered entities reduce costs, manage compliance and improve outcomes.

About DataNext®

DataNext’s enterprise analytics solutions provide evidence-based cost, utilization, and quality analytics for hospital pharmacy and supply chain. Through a true healthcare enterprise management platform, coupled with Sentry’s proprietary data set, DataNext is engineered to seamlessly connect to existing information systems. DataNext improves data governance, identifies actionable ROI and delivers superior insight into variability outcomes that lead to robust quality and profitability management. DataNext delves deeper, delivering up-to-date, real-time transactional clinical data that is vital to informing decisions and developing optimized treatment plans.

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