Pharmacy-based analytics

Sentry authors second article in three-part HIT Leaders and News series

As patient-centered care has made its way to center stage in our increasingly value-based healthcare system, clinicians must now consider a patient’s overall holistic care, including length of stay and drug regimens, in order to more fully understand trends and make more informed decisions.

While claims-based analytics offerings are often dated and incomplete, Sentry’s DataNext® pharmacy-based analytics solution allows medical management, finance and quality teams the transparency needed to view the patient from a completely different perspective. And this new analytics approach has shown the power to transform how health systems care for patients by unlocking insights not found anywhere else.

Read more about the next generation of pharmacy-based analytics in a recent HIT Leaders & News article from Dawn DeAngelo, Chief Pharmacy Officer at Sentry. It’s the second in a three-part series on the latest healthcare IT trends that Sentry is producing with HIT Leaders & News.

Could pharmacy-based analytics finally address the paradox of reducing costs while improving quality?