Since 2003, Sentry Data Systems has been providing healthcare organizations with 340B management and compliance solutions that help you make better business decisions. We bring you MORE than just software solutions and technology — we deliver passion, expertise and partnership, every step of the way. And as a company always at the forefront of innovation, it’s both our opportunity and our responsibility to pair our solutions with a strong support team that helps you navigate complex waters and continue to deliver on your mission.

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We help your healthcare organization optimize all possible benefits through our best-in-class software, services and staff

  • Since 2003, our customers have realized more than $21 billion in savings.
  • We have processed more than 11 billion dispensations on 2.8 billion claims so far.
  • Our 5000+ contract pharmacy relationships lead the 340B industry and help ensure you capture every opportunity.
  • We are a leading collaborator with national partners to enhance referral capture.
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We leverage 16+ years of support and expertise to deliver exceptional customer service and high-performing programs

  • Our products offer more automation and less manual work, so you can utilize your limited resources most effectively.
  • Our solutions come with the benefit of our extensive experience; we’ve worked with more than 11,000 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and payers in 46 states.
  • We provide on-site audit support for either a HRSA or a manufacturer’s audit, so you’re always prepared.
  • Our multidisciplinary Senturion Services team of 340B pharmacy services experts includes some of the most experienced and credentialed people in the industry today.
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We have a knowledge base that runs deep and wide, with more than 360 employees, 50+ pharmacists, clinicians and medical professionals and over 160 technology experts all working for you

  • Our 18K+ real-time incoming data connections form an accurate and reliable infrastructure that far exceeds more healthcare IT vendors today.
  • In just 90 days of analysis, we were able to identify over $1M in revenue opportunity and cost savings for a large Southern regional medical center.
  • Last year, we held over 1,300 training sessions across nearly 300 organizations.
  • Our Apexus 340B-certified audit team has supported our customers through more than 245 HRSA audits, so we know what to expect and how to prepare.
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We invest relentlessly in your success to help your organization achieve its goals and inspire the best patient care possible

  • We have 360+ professionals on staff focused on your performance, with almost a quarter of employees solely dedicated to customer support.
  • Our unmatched implementation process means we go above and beyond, uncovering previously-unknown data issues in approximately 1 out of 15 installations.
  • We decreased the length of core project implementation by 30% in 2018 to help you get results faster.
  • We actively advocate on Capitol Hill to help you meet the needs of your underserved populations.