20170202 340Baudit - 340B success speaks for itself

340B success speaks for itself

Sentry Data Systems has helped over 150 covered entities effectively navigate HRSA 340B audits

Pharmacy managers who work for a 340B covered entity already know that maintaining 340B compliance has become increasingly complex in recent years. Yet, if they aren’t prepared, covered entities could end up paying fines, losing their 340B status or dealing with a lengthy appeal process. Given the regulatory challenges and increasing financial pressures, hospitals and pharmacies cannot afford to risk their 340B program status…and they need a trustworthy 340B partner more than ever.

Sentry Data Systems, Inc., a leader in 340B compliance and advanced healthcare analytics solutions, has been helping covered entities navigate the complexities of HRSA 340B audits since 2012. As the industry’s most experienced and trusted 340B management and compliance vendor, Sentry has a deep understanding of the entire 340B audit process, and puts customers at ease by anticipating issues and providing unmatched assistance from start to finish.

“Sentry, a true pioneer in the 340B software industry, is responsible for the development of the first dedicated audit and compliance team designed to assist customers in all aspects of 340B compliance. Our team makes it a priority to be there for our customers and has provided onsite support for every client who has requested this level of assistance. We’ve also assisted 100 percent of our clients during their live HRSA audits,” said Lidia Rodriguez-Hupp, Senior Vice President and 340B Compliance Officer, Sentry Data Systems. “Our customers recognize the value of our highly trained 340B experts so much that the vast majority of them wouldn’t want to go through an audit without our support. And we’re incredibly proud of those strong relationships.”

Sentry’s unique team of highly specialized pharmacy professionals provides the deep expertise needed to understand the impact of the 340B program, monitor performance and prepare for audits. According to a 340B Program Specialist at a large hospital located in California, “Prior to us even being fully transitioned onto Sentry’s platform, they literally saved us from many issues that would have resulted in major red flags during our HRSA audit. They were extremely reliable, proactive and knowledgeable and held our hands throughout the implementation process and beyond. I can’t say enough about the high level of support we continue to receive and I feel very comfortable that our next audit will proceed without a hitch.”

In addition to providing onsite support, Sentry’s audit team helps its customers establish the internal discipline to conduct regular internal audits. The software offers several tools and reports that simulate the rigor of an audit by HRSA or a manufacturer, helping to ensure the covered entity is always audit-ready.

The audit team also provides a proactive approach by offering both in-person training and the industry’s most advanced online education. The cumulative result is that Sentry’s customers not only have access to the industry’s leading 340B management and compliance platform, but they also develop a unique level of mastery and confidence in their ability to maintain compliance over the long term.

About Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL, Sentry Data Systems, a pioneer in automated pharmacy procurement and utilization management and 340B compliance, is leading the healthcare industry in utilizing advanced data analytics to reduce total cost of care, improve quality and provide better outcomes. More than 9,500 hospitals, clinics, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and pharmacies across the country rely on Sentry’s unique proprietary data set for their analytics, procurement, drug utilization and compliance solutions. Since 2003, Sentry’s solutions have processed over 7 billion dispensations on more than 1.3 billion claims and currently provide decision support for more than 92 million patients. To date, Sentry has helped hospitals, health systems and IDNs realize more than $6 billion in savings to help them better meet their safety net mission and continue to serve their communities.

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