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Simplify the complexities of pharmacy procurement, utilization and compliance, and capture more with advanced NDC mapping functionality and flexible configuration options that reflect your business processes and 340B program requirements.

And the benefits go far beyond our technology. The services and resources included with every Sentry implementation also mean you are surrounded with support — we connect you with a world-class team of experienced specialists committed to understanding your needs and addressing your unique situations. From audit preparation to on-going training, our efforts are coordinated across functions to be your number-one advocate and help you get the most benefit from your Sentry solution.

Hospital pharmacy

Sentinel hospital procurement & 340B compliance
Claims Manager Plus 

Contract pharmacy

Sentrex 340B contract pharmacy management
Sentrex330 for clinics
Sentrex eRx eligibility check
Referral verification system (RVS)

Download a FREE audit checklist

The very suggestion of a HRSA audit can be overwhelming. What will HRSA ask? What data will they need to review? Do you know how to get to it? And do you understand it well enough to explain it?

With built-in audit tools and reports, a dedicated team of 340B Apexus Certified Experts, and experience supporting our customers through more than 300 HRSA audits, it’s no surprise that our customers feel confident they’re prepared for an audit. Are you?