We are a healthcare technology company that’s fanatically dedicated to building outstanding solutions that our customers love. Part of that dedication to excellence includes a focus on hiring the very best people available. If you’re motivated, intelligent, and confident you can contribute to our rapidly growing organization, we look forward to seeing your application and adding you to our diverse and talented team.

Sentry Data Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and we offer a wide range of employee benefits including health coverage (dental, medical, vision) and a company 401(k) retirement plan. All employees must be eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship.

Available Positions


Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance Analysts are responsible for the overall quality of Sentry’s products and services by reviewing client’s data, the installation process, and acceptance criteria for our product’s established standards and guidelines. More Information

Senior Linux System Administrator

A Senior Linux System Administrator works on a team of Linux administrators to deploy and manage enterprise-class hardware & virtual servers running Red Hat, Debian, and Ubuntu Linux, including supporting production servers, developers, and office functions. More Information

Software Developer

This is a highly technical position that involves designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining our products and internal systems. Developers are expected to be independently motivated, smart, and productive. Developers are involved with, and responsible for, all aspects of the product lifecycle. Developers are expected to be able to quickly solve problems, write maintainable code, and adhere to quality standards. Developers must be able to work independently as well as in a team environment. More Information

Manager, Coding & Compliance (Healthcare)

In this position, the individual will oversees and validates the use of health care regulatory code, including maintenance and support of the software solutions related to medical coding. This person reports to Chief Pharmacy Officer. More Information

Product Manager Software Development

The Product Manager has two key responsibilities: assessing product opportunities, and defining the product to be built. This individual will work closely with Technology teams, Subject Matter Experts, Sales and Marketing, and the CTO. This position reports to VP, Software Development. More Information

340B Compliance & Audit Specialist

This hands-on position will support all clients involved in internal and/or HRSA/OPA audits. More Information

Trainer – Client Services

This person will be responsible to provide training for Client Services and possess the ability to be adaptable to changing focus and needs for SDS. More Information

Regional Account Manager (RAM) – Client Services

This individual is responsible for providing support with ongoing customer service of Sentry Data Systems in 340B qualified hospitals (covered entities). More Information

Administrative Assistant – DataNext

This individual will provide support to the Senior Vice President, DataNext and the DataNext Team and report to the SVP, DataNext. This position is located in our Milwaukee office. More Information


Questions and/or resumes should be submitted to techjobs@sentryds.com.

Why Work For Us?

We Believe in Doing What’s Right

We’re absolutely dedicated to doing the right thing, whether or not that’s difficult, despite the consequences. Respect for laws, best practices, each other, patients, and our customers are critical to our success.

Healthcare is Rapidly Changing

Healthcare today is nothing like it was fifty years ago, and with the increased pressures of an aging population and an industry that’s traditionally struggled with the implementation of quality technology, the time has never been better to be involved in healthcare. We’re excited about the chance to affect the many problems we here in the United States face, and we’re convinced our products are a breath of fresh air: when you buy our products, you’re not only raising the bar for technical processes within your own facility, but you’ll also stand to save significant sums of money.

We Love Technology and Solving Problems

From our CEO on down, we love building systems that solve difficult problems. We have no shortage of challenges, and these challenges range from the highly technical “How do we scale our transaction processing architecture across multiple geographic locations, while retaining flexibility and ease of deployment?” to the philosophical, “How can we better react to our customer’s needs?”

We Believe in Flexibility, Responsibility, and Hard Work

Employees enjoy a high level of responsibility, and are given oversight of tasks and job responsibilities based on merit and performance. As a result, hard work is the norm, not the exception, but we all believe that hard, intelligent work is the only way to reliably achieve uncommon success.

We’re a Small Company With Big Products and a Bright Future

Our products are used across the country, servicing millions of patients and processing millions of transactions. Being part of our organization means directly affecting our products, our clients and large numbers of patients across America.