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Transforming the healthcare industry with advanced data analytics that reduce total cost of care, improve quality and provide better outcomes

85M unique longitudinal patient records


unique longitudinal
patient records

1M additional patients per month


additional patients
per month

13K disparate data connections


disparate data

Solutions that break through the barriers of siloed data

Our technology solutions provide the transparency you need to improve your hospital’s financial performance — pinpointing unrealized savings and revenue opportunities, with an expert team available to help ensure you get the most from your investment.

Real-time data to reduce your total cost of care

Customers using our Sentinel module are able to limit their average WAC spend to just 10% of their total drug spend. See for yourself how our innovative data network can deliver immediate impact across your organization.

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Solutions that give you more control over your 340B program

Simplify the complexities of pharmacy procurement, utilization and compliance with advanced NDC mapping functionality and flexible configuration options you select to reflect your business processes and 340B program requirements.

“Since we began using eRx Eligibility Check, the time it takes to do the audits has been considerably less. Because the data is so clean, the time per sample has decreased because it requires less poking around and research to find the proper documentation. In just three invoicing periods we’ve seen a 30 percent increase in benefit and a 30 percent bump in claims. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

Kelly HartmanOpportunity Program Manager
University Hospital, SUNY Upstate Medical University

“At the end of the day, we chose DataNext for its robust longitudinal patient data warehouse. We feel we’ve cracked the code by including both claims and clinical information to enable us to deliver the right care, in the right setting, to minimize cost and deliver quality outcomes.”

Kenny ScottExecutive Director of Pharmacy Operations

“Sentry Data Systems is the undeniable premier leader in 340B compliance solutions. Whether it’s their account managers, their IT team or upper management, they are all very responsive and knowledgeable. I am very pleased to have experienced their dedication to my complete satisfaction.”

Alexander MansourDirector of Finance and
340B Compliance Officer
Henry Ford Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

“Sentry provided us the tool with which to teach (our pharmacy buyers) what 340B was, and it also provided the means to provide them with virtual, real-time reporting on cost savings so that they could see the results of their work.”

Maribeth RouseffAssistant Vice President of Employee Health Services and Wellness Advantage
Baptist Health South Florida