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What to know about CRCA™ P&T, the new pharmacy intelligence platform referenced in SentryCore

Sentry customers may have noticed a new addition to the product menu in SentryCore. There, grouped with the Sentinel and Sentrex applications, is a link to something called CRCA P&T, which is what we’re here to talk about.

Short for Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics®, CRCA P&T is a revolutionary pharmacy intelligence platform from Agilum Healthcare Intelligence, Sentry’s sister company. The platform, which offers actionable real-world data for your hospital pharmacy unit, is available as a standalone option to all existing Sentry customers.

CRCA P&T represents the industry’s most comprehensive longitudinal pharmacy real world database, built from the de-identified data of more than 35 million patients representing more than 160 million encounters and incorporating more than $21 billion worth of real-world drug spending.

What does CRCA P&T do?

One of the most powerful features of CRCA P&T is its speed and convenience, with the ability to return real-world, near real-time data in seconds.

It is designed to provide the clinical, financial and operational clarity you need to run your pharmacy program confidently at a time when hospitals face major financial pressures, limited staffing, increased regulations, supply chain pressures and rising costs for managing complex medication regimens. CRCA P&T offers real-world comparative evidence you can use to improve patient outcomes by optimizing your medication regimens and viewing best practices on utilization.

The tool is designed to be efficient and to allow you to compare data in any number of different ways. You can compare costs by:

  • Purchase type (WAC, GPO or 340B)
  • Admission status (Inpatient or Outpatient)
  • Drug classification (NDC, brand or generic name, custom drug grouping or therapeutic category)
  • Diagnosis, comorbidity or procedure

CRCA P&T allows you to benchmark your hospital’s data against real-world, near real-time data. In addition, it offers you the ability to build custom populations using demographic variables such as inpatient or outpatient status, gender and age range, which can then be filtered using principal diagnosis, therapeutic class (AHFS or USC) and AMA procedure codes.

Perhaps its most powerful feature is a dashboard that allows the user to review and analyze drug remittance data across payer groups and types, down to the HCPCS level, to provide a comprehensive view on drug remittance for your organization. The dashboard displays purchase price, purchase amount, the amount of the claim submitted and remittance from payers for a focused group of complex and high-cost specialty drugs.  In addition to medication pricing, it calculates weighted average drug costs per unit of service to highlight margin opportunity.

What distinguishes CRCA

Health systems generate enormous volumes of data each day, of course, but it’s often siloed, difficult to access, and out of date, even if you can enlist an analyst to access and develop reports for you.

By contrast, CRCA P&T is near real-time, providing robust, actionable data in just seconds. And it’s easy to use, with an intuitive visual display that integrates comparable real-world data into a customizable, informative dashboard.

For more information or to request a demo visit Agilum’s website.