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Seven steps to recertification

Annual 340B recertification for FQHCs and most non-hospital entities is underway!

Recertification for all FQHCs and other non-hospital covered entities (with the exception of Title X family planning centers) must be completed by March 11, 2015. Recertification for these entities follows a separate timeline from 340B hospital recertification, which takes place later in the year.

Annual recertification is required for each 340B entity listed in the 340B Database, unless the entity has a pending termination date. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has provided guidance on 340B recertification for each type of covered entity in the Database Guide to Recertification.

There are seven basic steps to recertification:

  1. The covered entity ensures all information in the 340B Database is accurate and prepared for recertification. The online change request is used as needed to correct inaccurate information.
  2. The Authorizing Official for the parent covered entity receives an email from HRSA/The Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA). This email contains the entity’s recertification username and password.
  3. The Authorizing Official recertifies for the parent covered entity and for all outpatient facilities/satellite sites/sub-grantees/sub-contractors and contract pharmacies associated with the covered entity. The Authorizing Official is required to update any information that is not complete.
  4. The Authorizing Official certifies that the information is true and accurate and attests that the covered entity is in compliance with all program requirements.
  5. OPA reviews the covered entity’s certification and accepts or rejects any proposed changes to the 340B Database.
  6. OPA recertifies or decertifies the covered entity.
  7. The Authorizing Official receives a completion notification and may review the history tab to verify that the recertification is complete.

HRSA has posted a recorded webinar with more detailed information about the recertification process. Additional questions about the recertification process may be directed to the 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) at ApexusAnswers@340bpvp.com or 1-888-340-2787. Covered entities will need their 340B ID number when they call.