On-demand resources

Sentry’s new on-demand resources provide an additional layer of support

It’s Monday at 9am and if you’re anything like most of us, you’re already consumed with emails, meeting requests, approaching deadlines, and fires to fight. Your calendar looks like a poorly-played Tetris screen as you try to squeeze 60 hours of commitment into 40 hours of availability. And while you’ve been interested in one of Sentry’s educational offerings for a while now, you just haven’t found the time.

We get it. As a 340B software industry leader in training and education, we’re continually looking for new opportunities to improve how we approach product coursework and deliver it to you.

For a long time, we’ve recognized the need to provide more options that fit into your schedule – we know that Monday-Friday, 9-5 ET doesn’t always work. So in early 2016, we began developing an online eLearning portal designed to offer educational courses on demand, any time, day or night.

This was not a rapid process. After more than 12 months of development and planning, we were excited to introduce Sentry eLearning in March 2017. Our eLearning portal houses many different product courses designed for the adult learner, who is most likely logging in after hours, once the normal demands of the day have been met.

Educating adults in such a highly-specialized industry puts us in a unique position. Adult learners are more experienced, having built up a skill profile that takes years to match. So when we developed our eLearning courses, we kept that in mind, focusing on what we could do to make our material engaging and challenging at the same time. We’ve added tasks in our learning modules to demonstrate your ability to work through specific scenarios, and assessments to gauge your comprehension of the material. We’ve even included post-course learning boost questions to challenge your understanding weeks after a course has been completed. To get an idea of what our eLearning courses look like, check out the short clip below!

We’ll be showcasing Sentry eLearning at the upcoming 340B Coalition Summer Conference in Washington, DC, on July 10-12, 2017. Please click here to sign up for a time to meet with us! We’d love to connect with you, show you a live demonstration of our portal, and answer your questions.

And eLearning is not the only on-demand resource we’ve been working on. This year also saw the launch of two other exciting customer-focused programs: the Sentry Customer Success Community and the Sentry Customer Success Concierge team. Our Customer Success Community is available to all customers as a resource to research product information, access training, and even submit a request for assistance.

The Sentry Customer Success Concierge team was developed to offer a higher level of dedicated customer support. When you email customersuccess@sentryds.com, your request routes to the Concierge team, who will work to help you navigate your Sentry solutions. Historically, you may have only had one contact for Sentry. Now, you have a whole team here to support you!

At the heart of it all, we have a passion for education at Sentry. We like to think that Einstein was on to something when he said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” To us, this means that everything we create, and every way that we educate, has to be about setting the customer up for success. It’s not just about being able to follow a series of steps — it’s about truly understanding our products and then learning what you can do to get the most from your 340B program.