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“From the moment that I mentioned to Sentry that we had a HRSA audit looming, we received 5-star treatment. The audit and compliance team was amazing. They ensured that we understood the steps necessary to prepare for the audit and regularly checked in on us to make sure that we were on track. I’m not sure if having a HRSA audit can be stress free, but Sentry’s audit and compliance team helped guide us through the process to help reduce the fear of the unknown.”

Bob Varone

Network Pharmacy Procurement Manager
Westchester Medical Center

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“We have been a Sentry customer for five years and recently experienced our first HRSA audit since implementing Sentry’s Sentinel and Sentrex solutions. Right away, we were impressed at how quickly the audit and compliance team responded. They walked us through the process step by step, from gathering documents and pulling reports, to providing the requested claims information and more. During the actual audit, a member of the team was onsite, answering questions and providing requested documentation, which we found to be quite reassuring. And it didn’t end there! Their help interpreting documents and drafting correspondence after the audit was also exceptional. Really, throughout the entire process, Sentry’s team was invaluable — we are incredibly pleased with the audit assistance we received.”

Sarah Layton

340B Manager
Perry County Memorial Hospital

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“Sentry identified a few opportunities prior to the audit, which helped ensure there were no unpleasant surprises for our hospital management during the audit. They did a phenomenal job pulling the necessary data and answering all the auditors’ questions. From the start, the auditors recognized Sentry’s 340B management tools as tested, solid and proven, and their established reputation set the tone for a successful audit.”

Matthew Pharr

Manager of Pharmacy Business Services
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

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“Our very first 340B contract was with Sentry when we entered the space in 2010. We work with a number of 340B administrators, and the Sentrex portal is by far the strongest we use. Overall it has the best arrangement and scheduling features, with reporting options that give us the detail we need. There’s no need to pull data from multiple sources because the information we need is readily available. In all honesty, we’ve dealt with companies who are a lot faster in getting things rolled out, but they also make a lot more mistakes. We appreciate the extra time and effort Sentry takes to get everything set up correctly. My grandfather used to say ‘If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right the first time.’ I have lived by that mantra and I certainly feel that Sentry does that best.”

John M. Kirk

Manager of Pharmacy Systems
Tops Markets, LLC

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“Sentry Data Systems is the undeniable premier leader in 340B compliance solutions. Whether it’s their account managers, their IT team or upper management, they are all very responsive and knowledgeable. I am very pleased to have experienced their dedication to my complete satisfaction.”

Alexander Mansour

Director and 340B Compliance Officer
Henry Ford Health System

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“Where we were green – Sentry’s 340B Compliance and Audit Team is seasoned. They helped us extract the data we needed and provided guidance on how to prepare for the HRSA audit. Of course we’re fully versed in the legislation and we use the system every day but we can have tunnel vision at times based on what we use and what we need to know. The Sentry team knows the system and the legislation inside and out and that knowledge was invaluable during the auditor’s onsite visit.”

Bryan McCormick

340B Program Specialist
RWJBarnabas Health

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“We initially reached out to Sentry’s 340B Compliance and Audit team to establish a mock audit program. Then, less than two weeks later, we received a letter from a HRSA auditor notifying us of an upcoming audit. It was straight into the fire for us, and we never would have made it through without the support of Sentry’s team. No matter how good you are at navigating the system, finding information and generating reports, it’s great to have the Sentry team literally right by your side throughout the process.”

Brenda Hammons

Assistant to the CFO and CIO
Nathan Littauer Hospital

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“Our facility was one of the participants in the initial 2012 audits of the HRSA/OPA 340B Program. We were confident in our program integrity, but facing a HRSA/OPA review of our program was an unknown and daunting task. Our apprehension was calmed by our strong, firm relationship with Sentry Data Systems. They provided assistance in data gathering, answering questions of detailed data system operations, providing two staff members on-site during the HRSA/OPA auditor’s visit and system review follow-up for optimum program integrity. This reaffirmed and underscored the importance of our choice of Sentry Data Systems as our business partner in management of our 340B Program.”

Bruce Latimer

Director of Pharmacy Services
Kingman Regional Medical Center

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“My pharmacy has been using Sentinel since July 2009 and the customer support has always been excellent. This was most recently demonstrated in early 2012 when my pharmacy was selected for audit by HRSA. I notified my Sentry DS representative for assistance and they were active participants in the process from that point forward. I figured I would have phone support, but Sentry exceeded my expectations and sent two representatives to my hospital to provide support. Ivy and Michael were present through the entire audit process, and were invaluable in providing data to the auditor in real-time and answering questions regarding how the software worked. Having these knowledgeable representatives on-site made the process flow smoothly and quickly. I cannot imagine going through this process without the level of vendor support. I highly recommend Sentry as a company and their Sentinel product.”

Therese Caliendo, PharmD

Operations Director, Pharmacy Services
Alegent Creighton Health, Immanuel Medical Center

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“I think our revolution began when Sentry became operational for us. We could start asking questions like, ‘Why did you buy Item C when Item B was a dime less per tab? Sentry provided us the tool with which to teach buyers what 340B was, and it also provided the means to provide them with virtual, real-time reporting on cost savings so that they could see the results of their work.”

Maribeth Rouseff

Assistant Vice President, Employee Health Services and Wellness Advantage
Baptist Health South Florida