“Sentry has increased our compliance confidence and operational efficiencies, allowing us to maximize savings and extend care to patients who otherwise would not receive it. We save a significant amount of money each year through the 340B program thanks to Sentry.”

“Your training specialists are so well-versed in all things Sentry, answering all of my questions, and, most importantly, really listening to me and providing the exact information I needed. Their training will improve the success of our program and thus the patients we serve will benefit. “

“I am very appreciative on the very collaborative, consultant approach that you are offering us. Kudos to your Sentry Team.”

“Representative response has increased and has become very responsive to the customer.”

“Our Product Support Specialist is always very professional and insightful — just great to work with.”

“Our Sentry Data Analyst is a pleasure to work with. Always keeping us up to date with information and willing to jump on calls to answer our questions. I cannot speak more highly of him.”

“We went through a big reimplementation with Sentry, and I had a really good experience throughout.”

“We have a partner relationship with Sentry, more than a vendor-client relationship.”

“Sentry is continually forging ahead with new innovations, so they’re still the leaders in the industry.”

“The Sentry help desk has been the best help desk experience I’ve ever had from any vendor.”

“A very professional member of the training team patiently walked me through interesting features of Sentry, and was simply willing to help…No doubt that a robust software training department is a key factor for the company to grow and gain their customers’ trust.”

“We work with a number of 340B administrators, and the Sentrex portal is by far the strongest we use. Overall it has the best arrangement and scheduling features, with reporting options that give us the detail we need. There’s no need to pull data from multiple sources because the information is readily available.”

“Thanks to Sentry’s commitment to customer support, we’ve had a smooth implementation and roll-out, and we’re confident that our operations remain in compliance with HRSA’s rules for contract pharmacies.”

“From the moment I mentioned to Sentry that we had a HRSA audit looming, we received 5-star treatment. They ensured we understood the steps necessary to prepare for the audit and regularly checked in on us to assure we were on track. I’m not sure if having a HRSA audit can be stress-free, but they guided us through the process and reduced the fear of the unknown.”

“Claims Manager Plus is so easy to use — I love everything about it. We’ve made some great progress and in less than a year’s time, Sentry has enhanced the product with additional features, and I know there are more coming.”

“I consider Sentry to be the Mercedes of the groups that we work with.”

“They’re seen as the movers and shakers in the industry.”

“The customer service we have consistently received from your team has instilled a sense of trust and has nurtured our confidence. Thank you!”

“When Sentry says they’re going to do something, they actually do it.”

“I think our revolution began when Sentry became operational for us… Sentry provided us the tool to teach buyers what 340B was, and it also provided the means to give them virtual, real-time reporting on cost savings so they could see the results of their work.”

“From jumping on calls to reviewing configurations and tables of data to helping us navigate through some of the hurdles that arose — Sentry has been an amazing partner in this endeavor!”