Jan 2018 eRx Case Study

Sentry eRx Eligibility Check helps a hospital increase 340B-eligible prescription volume by 147%

One large medical center has found a way to make the most of its 340B program, further establishing itself as a leading institution in the nation, by increasing its 340B-eligible prescription volume by more than 100 percent in a matter of months with Sentry’s eRx Eligibility Check. In addition to being a teaching hospital for a prominent medical school, this health system consists of two acute-care academic hospitals, several primary care locations, a long-term care facility, and an extensive behavioral health program.

Maximizing 340B program compliance and prescription capture

As a safety net hospital, this medical center participates in the HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program, and  has been successful using Sentry’s Sentrex solution to manage contract pharmacy procurement and 340B compliance since 2014. To further strengthen compliance and increase 340B-eligible prescription volume, the medical center decided to implement Sentry’s new eRx Eligibility Check module, which ties hospitals’ ePrescription data to the service location and bolsters compliance, thereby reducing audit risk and improving prescription capture rates. The health system’s pharmacy leadership team agreed that eRx Eligibility Check would serve as an excellent complement to their current 340B compliance strategy, meeting their goal to provide the best possible pharmacy and support services to their patients.

The hospital’s system director of outpatient pharmacy services and 340B program compliance said, “It’s important to stay at the forefront of technology. Sentry’s eRx Eligibility Check project has helped us accomplish this goal, providing additional reinforcement to our 340B compliance platform.“

What 340B success looks like for the medical center and its patients

Within only a few months of implementing Sentry’s eRx Eligibility Check module, the hospital saw exceptional results, increasing eligible prescription volume by 147% and improving program benefit by 49%*. Its executives report a high degree of confidence in their 340B program compliance based on their recent adoption of eRx Eligibility Check, and staff and management report that it has simplified and streamlined internal auditing processes.

Because of this, the health system has been able to provide enhanced pharmacy services, including pharmacist discharge medication reconciliation, pharmacy refill authorization service, and antimicrobial stewardship services. It has also been able to offer more robust, timely and accurate information for patient support services such as financial counseling, social work and case management. In addition, the health system has been able to improve its Medication Assistance Program Services, including supporting multiple pharmacies with consistent and reliable ePrescription data.

According to the system director of pharmacy services, “We are fortunate to have an excellent IT system that allows us the unique ability to integrate and deploy the most innovative technologies, such as Sentry’s eRx Eligibility Check module, to benefit our entire organization.”

* Data observed for a 4-month period and compared to the previous 10 months of performance.