20210217 SentryCONNECT - Sentry Data Systems announces SentryCONNECT, a new solution powered by Informatica to supercharge your patient data

Sentry Data Systems announces SentryCONNECT, a new solution powered by Informatica to supercharge your patient data

Sentry Data Systems is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, quality and results in a competitive market. We realize you’re experiencing unprecedented challenges right now and you rely on us to provide guidance through the ambiguity and uncertainty. We’re here to help you.

Because the security, accuracy and performance of your data is our top priority, we are pleased to announce a new state-of-the-art application that will enhance your ability to securely receive, transmit and put your data to use capturing 340B benefits.

Sentry has partnered with Informatica to integrate its Managed File Transfer Option — a high-performing, agile application that enables better data validation as well as consolidation of multiple services and vendor products into a single platform. For hospitals and pharmacies, the new platform will mean faster time to production, expedited data cleansing and less work ensuring data quality, with fewer errors and less need to file case tickets to clean up data or reprocess claims.

The new platform will be in place by the end of the year. Sentry plans to start all new customers on SentryCONNECT beginning in March and will migrate existing customers throughout 2021.

How covered entities will benefit

For years Sentry has been using a proprietary system that combines numerous different technologies. By contrast, Informatica is an enterprise tool that features two modules:

  • B2B Data Exchange — ensures that data is delivered in a standard format, reducing the time needed to customize data feeds from the source
  • Data Quality System, or DQS — where we’ll conduct all the data quality checks

We’ve been beta-testing the new platform and both modules with customers and found that it improves the way we move data, quantify it and ensure its quality before we put it into production for maximizing your 340B benefits.

Here are the three biggest advantages our customers will see from SentryCONNECT:

Faster implementation: Because of the business-to-business standard between the covered entity and Sentry, we will no longer need to spend as much time customizing each of the multiple data feeds we collect for our system. As a result, implementation will be as much as 25% faster – which means you realize your 340B benefits faster as well.

Faster installs for pharmacies: You’ll be able to add additional contract pharmacies more quickly to your 340B program.

Enhanced data quality: Sentry has always focused on data quality, with a 99.99% threshold score established for implementation. However, data quality is ongoing and subject to variation. For example, if a hospital makes changes on their end after data quality had already been established at implementation, and we do not receive notification of those changes, this can lead to data quality issues. Previously, fixing data errors meant waiting for a ticket to come in, followed by time spent cleaning up the data. Under the new system, fixing the data will generally take fewer than 72 hours, which is virtually unheard of in 340B.

SentryCONNECT goes beyond mere agile software development to offer a true data cleansing and curation tool that works for covered entities and lets them focus on their core 340B offering.

We’re working hard to make the transition to the new platform as seamless as possible and our specialists will be working with each covered entity, sharing information throughout the project and avoiding any service disruption.

SentryCONNECT is one more way our customers can expect MORE with Sentry.