Sentry Data Systems Announces Sentinel RCM, Now with Mobile Manager™ Included

Sentry Data Systems, Inc. today announced the inclusion of its wireless scanning device, Sentinel Mobile Manager™, as part of its core application, Sentinel RCM™, in response to customer feedback and the desire to provide increased value to clients.

Mobile Manager™ seamlessly integrates with Sentinel RCM’s™ core functionality and provides a wireless platform that can reconcile inventory levels, place orders, and receive shipments as they arrive. Mobile Manager™ complements Sentinel RCM’s ordering gateway InventoryBOSS™ and the comprehensive hospital charge master mapping and decision support suite that knits together all key data points quickly and easily.

“The addition of this functionality translates into enhanced value for our clients and improves visibility into the hospital environment. Across the board, our tools are based upon the fundamental philosophy that enhanced information saves our clients time and money while improving their operations,” commented Travis Leonardi, Sentry Data Systems’ Founder and President.

Sentinel RCM™ is configured and sold based upon a hospital’s pharmacy drug spend and can maximize savings while improving operations for all sizes of hospital pharmacies.