Sentry Data Systems announces its revolutionary patient data platform

Sentry Data Systems announces its revolutionary patient data platform

Delivering breakthrough insights that help reduce costs and improve outcomes

Sentry Data Systems is proud to introduce the most comprehensive clinical, pharmacy and supply chain database of its kind that is now enabling unprecedented insights into the delivery of healthcare through its host of complementary applications. Sentry’s proprietary database includes more than 85 million longitudinal patient records, growing at more than one million new patients per month through 13,000 real-time data connections to 8,200 healthcare locations nationwide.

“Healthcare faces many challenges that can only be solved with actionable information and Sentry Data Systems is on the forefront. Deploying our data platform to compare and contrast real-world data elements at a more granular and specific level provides unimagined intelligence that’s transforming and disrupting historic data analytics thinking,” said Travis Leonardi, CEO of Sentry Data Systems. “Sentry’s data platform will augment and enhance the most powerful databases and analytic algorithms that exist today to provide new and expanded insight that will save lives.”

Sentry’s data platform is yielding significant early success as reflected in the numbers shown by our clients. Its integrated analytics application, built to leverage the power of the data set and introduced only nine months ago, has already been used in almost a dozen hospitals to uncover disruptive new insights for hospital drug, purchasing, cost, utilization, and outcome patterns. These initiatives are consistently yielding an annualized ROI of up to 1,800%.

Sentry was founded almost two decades ago with a vision to dramatically bend the cost and quality trajectory of the healthcare delivery system. This vision led to Sentry’s new data platform, which is now enabling hospital pharmacy leaders to identify and model drug cost reduction opportunities, evaluate the comparative efficacy of alternative treatments, and analyze utilization patterns to optimize treatment intensity for procedures and diagnoses.

According to Tim Lantz, Sentry’s SVP of Analytics, “Our new patient data platform leverages the most comprehensive healthcare dataset, revolutionizing insights and actionable opportunities for healthcare leaders and other analytics companies. This platform is a game-changer and is helping to create an interoperable, nationwide analytics ecosystem to radically improve the way healthcare is delivered today. Watch for our updates over the coming weeks and months. The sky is the limit for Sentry’s clients and our rapidly expanding network of partners and consultants.”

About Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL, Sentry Data Systems, a pioneer in automated pharmacy procurement and utilization management and 340B compliance, is leading the healthcare industry in utilizing advanced data analytics to reduce total cost of care, improve quality and provide better outcomes. Since 2003, Sentry’s solutions have processed over 6.3 billion dispensations on more than 1 billion claims. To date, Sentry has helped hospitals, health systems and IDNs realize more than $5 billion in savings to help them better meet their safety net mission and continue to serve their communities.

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