061516 regionalhealth - Sentry Data Systems and Regional Health drive unprecedented reductions in total cost of care

Sentry Data Systems and Regional Health drive unprecedented reductions in total cost of care

Sentry Data Systems announced today that Regional Health, based in Rapid City, South Dakota, is expanding their long-standing relationship by selecting Sentry’s analytics solution, DataNext®, to help improve patients’ quality of life, prevent complications and comorbidities and manage care costs for the 360,000 people who live in the area.

Travis Leonardi, CEO at Sentry Data Systems commented, “Regional Health has been at the forefront of utilizing information to deliver higher quality of care while reducing cost. Sentry has advanced the data analytics paradigm by leveraging its proprietary data set, coupled with an analytics process not available anywhere in the industry. Sentry was the pioneer in creating automated data integration for 340B compliance, and is now introducing the next generation of healthcare data analytics leading to a significant return on investment.”

Regional Health has achieved exemplary success in clinical care and patient safety. However, like most healthcare providers, they are experiencing increased financial pressures due to reduced reimbursements, and a shift in their patient population from more profitable inpatient care to ambulatory services. They selected DataNext to address these challenges through its transparency, business intelligence and data analytics solution.

Regional Health plans to leverage DataNext’s proprietary data set of more than 80 million patients to drive best practices to improve quality care and reduce costs, including:

  • Improving patient safety
  • Optimizing length of stay
  • Reducing inappropriate admissions and readmissions
  • Quantifying episodes of care
  • Growing ambulatory care services
  • Managing pharmacy and supply chain costs

“Sentry’s focus has always been on helping the health system become more effective in managing its pharmacy and supply chain to aggressively remove costs from its organization. Effective analytics starts with having good clean data – data you can trust – from a partner that operates with a collaborative, transparent approach to delivering exceptional results,” said Dana Darger, Director of Pharmacy for Rapid City Regional Hospital. “Even before we’ve fully gone live with our implementation, DataNext has enabled us to identify a significant improvement opportunity in our drug procurement and distribution process that impacts an estimated 14,000 pharmacy transactions and accounts for more than $23M annually.”

About Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL, Sentry Data Systems, a pioneer in automated pharmacy procurement and utilization management and 340B compliance, is leading the healthcare industry in utilizing advanced data analytics to reduce total cost of care, improve quality and provide better outcomes. More than 7,000 hospitals, clinics, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and pharmacies across the country rely on Sentry’s unique proprietary data set for their analytics, procurement, drug utilization and compliance solutions. Since 2003, Sentry’s solutions have processed over 6.3 billion dispensations on more than 1 billion claims and currently provide decision support for more than 81 million patients. To date, Sentry has helped hospitals, health systems and IDNs realize more than $4.5 billion in savings to help them better meet their safety net mission and continue to serve their communities.

About DataNext®

DataNext’s enterprise analytics solutions provide evidence-based cost, utilization, and quality analytics for hospital pharmacy and supply chain. Through a true healthcare enterprise management platform, coupled with Sentry’s proprietary data set, DataNext is engineered to seamlessly connect to existing information systems. DataNext improves data governance, identifies actionable ROI and delivers superior insight into variability outcomes that lead to robust quality and profitability management. DataNext delves deeper, delivering up-to-date, real-time transactional clinical data that is vital to informing decisions and developing optimized treatment plans.

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