customer survey

New survey offers a way for our customers to participate in the service they’re receiving

As part of our ongoing focus of delivering an excellent customer experience, we are offering customers an additional way to provide us their feedback and let us know how we’re doing. Our account executives are adding a new survey to the stable of automated transactional questionnaires we send to our customers through our customer relationship management platform.

Why Account Management?

This year, Sentry Data Systems, now The Craneware Group, moved to make connections between customers and their account executives more regular. These are generally once a month, though we hold them more frequently at the customer’s request as part of each individual account success plan.

Attaching a survey to the process will help ensure that our account executives are hitting the mark. Our account executives are knowledgeable liaisons for our customers, helping them find answers, solve problems, and discover new ways to maximize their 340B programs.

Why should you take the surveys?

These surveys are incredibly valuable in helping us understand where you are in your journey and your experience. Are we meeting your needs? Has there been a WOW moment or an area where we can support you differently?

Your feedback helps us support our account executives, so they can quickly answer your questions when you need guidance. It can also help us direct attention to frequently asked questions that may indicate an opportunity for improvement or a chance to provide praise.

Turnaround time

What’s more, we now receive your feedback in real time, thanks to new reporting capabilities making survey results available as soon as they are submitted.

As an added incentive, The Craneware Group donates $5 to the American Cancer Society every time you complete a survey.

Thank you for your continued partnership. As always, you can contact us directly with suggestions or your feedback any time by emailing

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