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Drug spend data visibility like you've Never Seen Before
Review detailed drug purchase data with Sentinel RCM's new features – Drug Cost Analyzer and Drug Cost Optimizer – designed to provide an overview of your drug spend, to allow for simulating changes, and to plan for maximized savings.
Drug Cost Analyzer & Optimizer
Actionable Pharmacy Purchasing Data and Robust Planning Tools
Sentinel RCM – Hospital Pharmacy Charge Master Infrastructure – has been upgraded with two new features that give clients unprecedented insight into their drug spend costs.
Things You Can Do With
1) Review detailed drug purchasing data grouped by therapeutic classes, subclasses and 10-digit GPIs. 2) Create graphical representations of your current projected drug spend. 3) Develop an informed drug spend savings strategy. 4) Determine the financial impact of your clinical programs. 5) Look over your historical drug purchase patterns and volume levels. 6) Make an informed and data-based decision to lower drug spend costs. 7) Use actionable drug spend data to renegotiate a better drug pricing contract. 8) Improve the accuracy of financial forecasts for drug costs.
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