mission hands - Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

our vision

our mission

We are dedicated to being healthcare’s most trusted resource for transforming real-world data into actionable intelligence.
We believe in the power of data to transform healthcare — enabling providers to improve quality and provide affordable healthcare to all.

As the leader in 340B compliance and pharmacy analytics, Sentry offers more — through our comprehensive solutions, our innovative technology, our ability to meet compliance requirements and of course, the unparalleled talent of our people.

We understand that providers are facing unprecedented disruption and unpredictability and are being challenged to adapt in ways never before expected. Hospitals are now faced with increased regulations and lower reimbursements in addition to the long-standing challenges of improving quality of care, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

We are focused on a fundamental purpose of helping covered entities support our country’s underserved and most vulnerable patients, and continually strive to improve our platform to support this critically important work through our mission, vision and guiding principles:

IntegrityDoing the right thing, even when it’s difficult
InnovationLeading the way and challenging the status quo
TrustHaving confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions
AuthenticityConnecting to people with respect and compassion
StewardshipProtecting the company and its information as if it were your own
GrowthConstantly improving through continued learning and personal development
AccountabilityOwning the outcomes of your actions and decisions