Meet some of the people at Sentry who are focused on your success! These individuals represent both the unparalleled talent of our staff and our passion for delivering a five-star customer experience with every interaction. From our CEO on down, we are continually learning, growing and finding ways to further improve our solutions and support systems so you can achieve — and exceed — your 340B goals.

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Michael Ormsbee

Senior Account Executive, Contract Pharmacy Operations

Michael joined Sentry in 2016. He was promoted in March to his current position managing integrations and relationships with pharmacy chains.

How are the manufacturers’ contract pharmacy exclusions affecting your job?

It’s definitely added a lot more work, because every month that we’re blocking new
manufacturers, we’re having to reach out to the integrated partners and all of our
pharmacies to make sure that we are on the same page. It’s added another layer of
complexity to everything we’re doing.

What does good customer service mean to you? 

Good customer service is having regular communication with the customer, making sure they’re up to date, providing realistic expectations and making sure things get done. It’s not leaving them in the dark, and making sure that they know that they’re heard and their needs are going to be met.

What do you like about working in 340B?

There’s always something to investigate. It’s nice to be able to help hospitals stretch their resources, increase their savings and help patients.

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Chaquira Owens

Director, Accounting, 340B and Contract Pharmacy Revenue

Chaquira has been with Sentry since 2018 and started her new role in March as director overseeing customer invoices.

You have a background in healthcare revenue cycle management. How did you end up at Sentry?

I worked for a company that was acquired by a larger organization. They brought me over as the director of medical collections, which would require me to relocate to Texas. I started looking for work in Florida and I received a call from the Sentry CFO to meet at a Starbucks. It was an accounting role in finance, and I said, I don’t have any experience in accounting or finance. I have transferable skills, but my strength is in building relationships, talking to different departments. I think that is what most interested him to bring me on board.

What does good customer service mean to you in your role? 

Customer service is everything to me in my role. Every single account we own, whether it’s a sales, implementation or marketing question, we will take those questions, reach out to those departments and work them through until we do the correct handoff. We need to have every experience with the customer be a positive experience.

Going back to your meeting with the CFO, how are your accounting skills now?

Well, I am training accountants right now. I’ve taken accounting in college so it wasn’t that far-fetched. They’re very strong now, and I’m happy that I had someone who took the time to nurture me and develop those skills.

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Kayla Voelker

Data Analyst

Kayla has been with Sentry for two and a half years after working as a data analyst in various healthcare and pharmacy settings.

Can you describe a typical day?

I have customer cases that I work through daily. It’s a broad range: Why are they losing out on eligibility? Why is something showing the way that it is? A lot of it is problem-solving.

What does customer service mean to you and how do you try to embody it?

There are many cases where customers ask us a question. I provide the answer, then look for other things they could be doing that would help them. I like to go the extra step.

Can you give an example?

I worked with one customer for at least nine months in 2020 and about nine more in 2021. Their eligibility was incorrect — and they were getting audited. I worked to get them to a good place so that when they had the audit, their data would be as accurate as possible. Based on this work, Sentry created more configurations to benefit them, and that’s what I’ve been working on. It started with a very small issue and turned into a big project that had a very positive impact on the customer.

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Jaclyn Grahn

Associate Product Manager

This is a brand-new role for Jaclyn, who’s been with Sentry for five years as a product support specialist. Previously, she was a pharmacy technician.

Can you describe your new job?

I’m learning the nitty-gritty details of the products, including the coding and functionality. I used to hear customers say, “I would like to have this functionality added,” or “Why can’t we do this?” Now, I’m in the place where it all happens.

What does customer service mean to you, and has it changed as you’ve progressed in the organization?

Without our customer service – without our customers – we really don’t have anything. We need to hear what they have to say, understand it and act on it. Now that I’m on the product side, it becomes, “Let’s enhance their program. Let’s add some tools and build this in.” The biggest thing is just making sure they understand that we hear them and want to help them.

What do you like about working in 340B? 

I love the fact that there’s always a challenge and something is always changing. And I love that with our products, we can help our customers resolve problems. I mean, 340B is there to help patients, and I love the fact that we are a part of that.

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Erik Birch

Data Analyst

Erik calls himself “a professional problem solver” and has been with Sentry for nearly three years. He previously worked for a laboratory software firm.

Can you describe a typical day?

I do routine maintenance, followed by our morning team standup meeting, and then work the rest of the day on my cases. I usually read documentation and go through the code. I often get calls from people about general technical problems, and it’s nice to be able to spin up whatever problem they’re having and solve it with them.

What are some ways that you try to give good customer service?

It’s just a stance of genuine empathy. I’ve been in situations before where I didn’t know what I was doing, and people told me, “I don’t know what to do, so you’ll just have to struggle through it.” That feeling is terrible. So if someone’s asking me for help, I’m going to do it. Why would I not want to help them?

What’s your favorite thing about what you do? 

I’m given a lot of flexibility. If someone suddenly needs help, or if the manager says, “Hey, I’ve got a project for you,” there’s a lot of leeway for me to prioritize and pick things up and be very flexible with where I’m spending my time.

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Gennette Zimmer

Data Analyst

This is Gennette’s first job since earning a master’s degree in computer information systems focused on data analytics from Boston University in 2020.

What do you do as an analyst?

I work in Technical Client Services, having recently transferred from the Sentrex to the Sentinel team. I had been working on 340B claims eligibility, and now I’m focusing more on assisting customers with eligibility to ensure they maximize savings while complying with 340B program guidelines.

What are some ways that you try to give good customer service?

I try to communicate with customers as much as possible, making sure I’m working
with them to get the best possible results and ensure they have everything they need.

What’s your favorite part about your job? 

I love working with customers and helping them figure out a problem. Also, I love my
entire team. I’m super fortunate. They’re an amazing group of people who work really
hard and support each other-plus they are excellent at what they do.

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Gerald Dagher

Product Manager

Gerald, who started with Sentry in 2019 as a business analyst, has
a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a focus on behavioral
psychology and a master’s in management information systems.

What do you do as a product manager?

I’m responsible for our wholesaler integrations and relationships,
so all data coming in purchase orders, invoices, pricing from our wholesalers – and any orders and split orders going out.

With your varied background, how did you land at Sentry and in 340B?

My mom has Devic’s disease, which is very similar to multiple sclerosis, and there’s no cure. The treatment is expensive, about $100,000 a year. When I learned the 340B program is government-mandated and requires drugs at a lower cost, I connected with that.

Are you able to use your varied academic background in your day-to-day work?

Yes, absolutely. More so the undergrad work and the psychology focus. It helps me to interact better with our customers, allowing them to voice their concerns and letting them know I’m listening and understanding – and I’m here to help fix it.

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Bilal Abbas

Senior Production Support Analyst

Bilal has been with Sentry since 2015 and has a background as a software engineer.

What does good customer experience mean to you?

When a case comes in, I analyze it. If I believe it needs a lot of time to be investigated, then I work on it as time allows or ask someone else and provide insights on how to start. Even if it takes a lot of time and I need to stay late or work extra hours on the weekend, I go ahead. On Monday morning, the customer sends an email and says, “Awesome experience, we loved it,” and that makes us all happy.

Have you ever been stumped?

No. The longest challenge took me two days. I worked straight until two o’clock in the morning. I sent the email with the resolution and the customer was up to date and we were all happy.

What’s your favorite part about what you do? 

My favorite part is my team. I have really nice colleagues! And they are knowledgeable if someone needs help, they will jump on a call and try to help each other.

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Trish Vidal

Senior Business Analyst

Trish came to Sentry in 2016 after more than 10 years analyzing global supply chains. “I grew up surrounded by conversations on patient care and practice management,” she says. “My first jobs were in physician offices, where I worked up from receptionist to office manager.”

Were you familiar with the 340B program before you came to Sentry?

I didn’t know it existed, but once I learned about it, I was excited to join a company where our work contributes to the well-being of many communities across the country.

What does good customer service mean to you?

For me, good customer service means giving the customer more than what they asked for. If we can bring our experience with other hospitals to bear on the hospitals we’re helping at the moment, it just adds to their benefit. It’s on us to be able to think of things that add value for them.

What do you like most about what you do?

I love digging into data. I see myself as a data archaeologist because I’m digging in the dirt, trying to see the patterns in the data. Things that people may not have noticed is what interests me. It’s like putting together a puzzle, and I’m having fun.

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Nicholas Quintana

Desktop Support Technician

A former pharmacy technician, Nicholas joined Sentry in 2021.

As someone who serves Sentry employees, how do you provide good customer service?

I think providing good customer service is just trying to help the users as quickly and efficiently as possible, and being considerate of your time and their time as well. I try to be productive in getting the job done, and not waste anyone’s time.

Can you give an example?

Today, a user was having issues with her mouse and keyboard — getting everything external completely connected. Instead of trying to remote into her computer and do it, I went to her office and helped her in person. She could then watch me and understand how it’s done, so she’ll know how to fix it herself if it happens again.

What do you like about your job?

I’m actually going to school to finish up my bachelor’s in IT. So it’s been great just getting my foot in the door and gaining first-hand experience before I graduate. But what I love most is that there’s something new every day. You’re always learning, always progressing, always growing. That right there is what I wanted in a career.

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Kara Ertel

Sr. Product Support Specialist

Kara joined the SentryOne Help Team in 2016. Prior to that, she was a pharmacy technician, having worked at a retail pharmacy and a mental health care firm.

Can you describe your role at Sentry?

The product support team is the frontline of the company. We vet all incoming calls from customers and help them resolve their problems or get them to the right teams. I’m kind of the mediator between the manager and the other team members so they can come to me if they’re not sure where to go. I also work with other departments to brainstorm different ideas on how we can improve the team and make things better.

What does good customer service mean to you?

In customer service, you’re the face of the whole company. You have to be friendly and welcoming. And it’s always nice to work with people and new customers.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

I have to say working with the team. I have a great team! The people are just so fun and lively. And our customers are great too. I’ve always been in customer service and sometimes people aren’t very nice, but this has been a really great place to work.

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April Rivinius

Product Support Specialist

Before joining the SentryOne Help Team in 2020, April worked as a certified nursing assistant and for a drug testing company.

What does good customer service mean to you?

Good customer service is essentially being there for the customer, answering their questions thoroughly, making sure they know how to reach us and fully understand the answers we’re providing them.

Can you give an example from a recent interaction you’ve had?

The other day a customer called. She had received an Excel file from Sentry for her upcoming audit, but the auditor requested the dates be formatted a specific way. Instead of sending the file back and making the process longer for her, I was able to pull the file, reformat it within a few minutes and send back to her. An hour later, the customer created a case just to thank me. It was really sweet.

What do you like  about your job?

I like that it varies every single day. It’s not repetitive. There’s always something to learn, because I’m naturally curious and I like to have a solid foundation so I’m able to be that much more helpful to our customers.

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Kristine Reiskytl

Technical Client Support Lead

Technical Client Support (TCS) serves as the deepest tier of the SentryOne Help Team. Kristine has been with Sentry for more than 11 years.

TCS handles tough issues. Can you give an example?

In one instance, a customer didn’t understand why a bunch of claims weren’t eligible. We took a deep dive into their data and found that ​some data ​elements weren’t ​transmitting properly, which caused the system to deny patient eligibility.

How do you ensure good customer service?

When we discover issues that are very technical in nature, we work to communicate in simplified terms. ​We also spend time talking with customers to understand what they want — and how we can best meet those needs — based on the options available. Sometimes a ​customer will say they want X and then, once we​ explain how that may affect other things, they decide, “Oh, I don’t think I want X anymore.”

What do you like  about your job?

I really enjoy the technical aspect of the role. Frequently, I will get on the phone with my manager and brainstorm ways through something. I like writing queries, digging into data, looking at trends and figuring out what could be causing something.

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Amber Mitchell, RPhT, 340B ACE

Sr. Solution Engagement Executive

Amber is approaching 10 years with Sentry, where she has worked in the areas of training, account management, and audit and compliance. She previously worked in hospital and retail pharmacies.

How has your long-standing career at Sentry helped you in your current role?

Each new position has provided a unique learning experience and new skills that have helped me to really advance and have that knowledge and support to provide good customer service.

What does good customer service mean to you?

To me, good customer service is listening to the customer and putting yourself in their shoes. ​Hearing what they’re saying, then following through and returning solid results​ are the outcomes we all strive for.

What do you like most about working in 340B?

I really support the mission of the program to help stretch resources and help those patients most in need. When I was working at the hospitals, I loved working hands-on with the patients. With 340B, I have the opportunity to really help support patient care overall. So it’s a great feeling to see the patient benefiting from the program and know​ing you had a small part in that.

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Sophia Sweetland

Sr. Production Support Analyst

Sophia, who has been with Sentry for three years, recently received several Customer Service Week nominations ​from her peers for exceptional service.

How would you describe your role?

I mentor the Production Support Operations team, assign cases and develop ​onboarding material for new hires. ​I also provide detailed documentation and step-by-step resolution for all incidents. Plus, I work on cases and provide one-on-one training for the team. Currently, I’m creating documentation for what we call an​ automation checklist, ​which details all the services we manage and helps ensure everything is operating properly.

What do you like about working at Sentry?

I really enjoy the technical aspect of my job. Sometimes​ we have to ​review files, then revise code or create simple fixes ​when customers are experiencing file processing challenges. Since our ​team typically works with customers who are analysts or in IT, they can assist in resolving any challenges quickly.

What does good customer service mean to you and how do you try to embody it?

Good customer service is when a team is cohesive and each member can provide the same level of service. We have created processes that help us all follow the same steps and communicate the same message — we want customers to experience the best.

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Amelia Long, 340B ACE

Associate Product Manager

Amelia is starting a new role at Sentry after previous positions as a strategic account executive and a trainer. She previously worked as a pharmacy technician in a large teaching hospital.

Can you tell us about working in the hospital?

I focused a lot on automation, distribution — general purchasing. One of the products I’ll be heavily involved with now is our new Central Pharmacy Distribution solution, which is basically what I did at the hospital, just on a larger scale.

What do you like about working in 340B?

I am all about getting healthcare to people who need it. My focus is always on what I can do to help people in the pharmacy do their jobs better so they can provide the healthcare and services that underserved communities need. Helping pharmacists help their communities is what really gets me going.

How do you think your experience will help inform your new role at Sentry?

I can bring that user perspective — if I was the one clicking through this workflow, what would be best for me? I think I’m going to draw a lot from the hospital side of things for this role.

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Kim Ott, 340B ACE

Product Manager

A former math tutor, Kim worked on audits, compliance, implementation and other facets of 340B as part of the healthcare practice for a large consulting firm before joining Sentry in 2021.

What do you like about working in 340B?

There’s always a new challenge, and I like to be there for clients to help them solve their problems. How can we make this better for you so that you can focus on taking care of your patients? That’s what we’re here to do. So that’s my favorite part.

What are you working on as a product manager?

This is totally new to me and I’m really enjoying it. We’re working on a refresh for the part of the software where clients go in and order. It’s getting a facelift and some new functionality, so it’s really exciting. It’s cool to be part of, since ordering the drugs is such an important part of 340B.

What’s it like going from consulting to being a Sentry product manager?

It’s a little bit slower pace, and I feel like I’m part of the solutions. As a consultant, I could help guide those conversations, and help the client do things within their control, but at Sentry I can actually be part of making changes that improve things, adding my knowledge from all the years of consulting. I like that part of it.

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Amy Crenshaw-Burns

Strategic Account Executive

This is a newer role for Amy, who joined Sentry three years ago as a product support specialist. Since December, she’s served as a dedicated resource for a large health system.

What do you like about working at Sentry?

I enjoy working with like-minded, passionate people who are dedicated to our clients and their needs. I appreciate the fact that Sentry values the feedback of our clients and their employees, and we are dedicated to turning those ideas into solutions..

Why is it important to you to learn the business?

To fully advocate for my dedicated client and champion Sentry and Craneware’s services, I need to be a subject matter expert. And engaging myself in continued learning, through opportunities offered internally with Sentry and externally, will help me grow in my role. I have a natural curiosity to know everything, which helps.

What do you like about working in 340B?

I believe in the purpose of the 340B program. My prior experience was in patient advocacy, grievance management and risk management. I’m still helping patients, but from a different angle — and helping patients is what keeps us showing up each day and doing what we do.

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Chris Soto

Account Executive, Midwest

Although Chris Soto is relatively new to Sentry — he joined in June 2020 — he is well versed in 340B, having most recently overseen a 340B program for a covered entity.

How did you end up at Sentry?

I was very familiar with Sentry as a company and wanted to keep growing in the industry. When I saw a post on LinkedIn, I went ahead and applied. I came on board as a contract pharmacy growth advisor, and about nine months into that position, I was promoted because of my 340B background.

What do you like about working in 340B?

When I worked at the covered entity, I saw what we could do with the savings — we did a lot of outreach programs and opened up a 501(c) to assist our patients. That’s what I enjoyed the most. Now I’m in a different point of the 340B process, and because I had that experience, I know what our customers need. So it’s pretty neat.

Why is it important for you to learn the business?

I want to be able to communicate effectively to our customers and really empathize with what they’re going through. I was in their shoes once before.

stephanie schellsmidt - Employee Spotlight Series

Stephanie Schellsmidt

Project Manager

Stephanie joined Sentry ins 2020 after performing a similar role — and obtaining Six Sigma Black Belt certification — for a large healthcare firm. Her work spans the organization.

What attracted you to work at Sentry?

What really attracted me was the culture —the way people treat and respect each other. I also wanted to work for a smaller company.

Why is it important for you to learn the business and stay up to date on things?

As a new hire, I really forced myself to stay on top of anything that was coming out, even if it was just a skim-over, because while I don’t have to know exactly how our product and services work, understanding what they do and how they help our customers serves as a guidepost for who we are as a company and what we’re trying accomplish.

What’s your favorite part about your role?

The variety is what keeps me going. I enjoy meeting different people and having so many different types of projects to work on.