053116 340B is vital - 340B is vital to the safety net providers in this country

340B is vital to the safety net providers in this country

We need to do everything we can to protect it

The 340B Drug Pricing Program, established nearly 25 years ago, requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care providers at significantly discounted prices. The benefits of this program have been consistently validated by hospitals and other institutions, however, they are being drowned out by the voice of Big Pharma through special interest groups lobbying on its behalf.

340B drug sales account for only two percent of $457 billion drug market in the United States. This two percent, however, is benefiting millions of Americans. 340B hospitals provide $25 billion per year in uncompensated care and offer crucial public health services that other hospitals do not provide. They use 340B savings to benefit their underserved populations. Specific benefits include:

  • Lower-cost medications to the institutions’ clinics which treat numerous chronic conditions such as cardiac disease, HIV, diabetes and hepatitis C
  • Employing additional pharmacists which enables hospitals to provide safer transitions of care through increased drug education to high-risk patients
  • Pharmacy pain consultations for chemo patients which helps improve quality of life and prevent unnecessary readmissions
  • Outpatient behavioral health services to address the mental health needs of the community’s poorest and most vulnerable members

As the nation’s leading platform to help hospitals manage their 340B programs and ensure the integrity of the program, Sentry Data Systems has a first-hand view into this program from the perspective of hundreds of hospitals across the nation. From this vantage point we’ve observed that 340B hospitals truly are the safety net for their communities. In addition to the immeasurable value this program brings to its beneficiaries, it is saving significant tax dollars for the population at large. Cutting the 340B Drug Pricing Program will result in higher taxation as municipalities, state and federal health programs will be forced to pick up the financial burden for the patients being cared for by these safety-net facilities.

We must support our communities by keeping 340B discounts where they belong—with safety-net hospitals providing for those most in need.