20191227 2019 340Buzz Year in Review - 2019 year in review: 340B in the spotlight

2019 year in review: 340B in the spotlight

This year has seen no shortage of news and controversy surrounding the 340B program. Following is a highlight of the news Sentry has covered this year in our monthly 340Buzz reports, with links back in case you’d like to see where we’ve been as we contemplate where we’re going.

  • January – A federal judge in Washington, DC, rules that HHS’ reimbursement cuts to the 340B program exceeded the HHS secretary’s authority
  • February – 340B Winter Coalition Conference recap
  • March – HHS files an appeal to the court’s decision that the agency overstepped its authority in implementing Medicare Part B reimbursement cuts; White House releases 2020 federal budget proposal, which suggests cutting HHS funding by 12% as well as several modifications to the 340B program
  • April – HRSA launches the long-awaited 340B drug ceiling prices website
  • May – Brett Giroir, MD, HHS Assistant Secretary for Health, says during a Kaiser Family Foundation forum that the White House’s efforts to eliminate the HIV epidemic will rely heavily on 340B to make HIV medications affordable
  • June – Senate HELP Committee introduces the Lower Health Care Costs Act, legislation to prevent surprise medical bills
  • July – OIG releases a report concerning potential rebates that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) missed out on from Medicare Part D prescriptions
  • August – States take legal action to combat pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) discriminating against 340B covered entities; Sentry publishes its 24th consecutive 340Buzz report
  • September – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveils “Lower Drug Costs Now” Act; CMS announces plan to collect information from covered entities about acquisition costs of 340B drugs
  • October – AHA issues letter to CMS urging them to abandon site-neutral payment expansion in OPPS rule
  • November – OPPS rule moves ahead with Medicare Part B cuts and site-neutral payment expansion despite court rulings; House Energy and Commerce Committee approves Pelosi drug plan
  • December – Hospitals push back against CMS’ suggestion to survey covered entities about 340B drug acquisition costs; hospital groups file suit against Administration’s price transparency initiative; HR 3 passes full house vote

Sentry has enjoyed being your trusted 340B partner throughout the many ups and downs this year and looks forward to continuing to serve you and providing more insights in the new year.

Our first 2020 340Buzz will offer a crystal-ball look into the future of healthcare and the 340B program. Our New Year’s resolution is to continue helping covered entities develop strong, fruitful 340B programs – what’s yours?

Wishing you a happy holiday season.