Analytics solutions

“We’re increasingly challenged with reduced reimbursements, looming penalties through government initiatives and a highly complex patient mix and realized we needed a solution that would provide real-time, transparent insights into our true cost drivers and quality indicators. At the end of the day, we chose Sentry Data Systems’ DataNext Pharmacy module for its robust longitudinal patient data warehouse. We feel we’ve cracked the code by including both claims and clinical information, to enable us to deliver the right care in the right setting to minimize cost and deliver quality outcomes.”

Kenny Scott

Sr. Director, Pharmacy Operations and Shared Services
Scripps Health

“Sentry’s focus has always been on helping the health system become more effective in managing its pharmacy and supply chain to aggressively remove costs from its organization. Effective analytics starts with having good clean data – data you can trust – from a partner that operates with a collaborative, transparent approach to delivering exceptional results. Even before we’ve fully gone live with our implementation, DataNext has enabled us to identify a significant improvement opportunity in our drug procurement and distribution process that impacts an estimated 14,000 pharmacy transactions and accounts for more than $23M annually.”

Dana Darger

Director of Pharmacy
Rapid City Regional Hospital

“The Agilum Service Line Costing & Profitability module is not only saving the finance department time, but it’s also streamlining the process for service line leaders to access real-time financial insights via an intuitive and user-friendly reporting system.”

Danielle O’Brien

VP of Finance
Knox Community Hospital

“We were literally standing on the precipice of the shared savings conundrum. With our current ACO arrangement, CMS basically gave us a three-year scholarship to learn how to do population health management. But we had to get our arms around our costs quickly. With the use of the Agilum Service Line Costing & Profitability module, we were able to get the real-time access to data needed to generate the reports in a timely manner.”

Steve Andrews

Chief Financial Officer
Three Rivers Health

“We were asked to produce a report each month for the leadership team, which took several hours to pull together and the assistance of multiple people from different departments to complete. This was a very manual and tedious process but upon partnering with Agilum to use their Service Line Costing & Profitability and Productivity Management modules, they were able to automate all reporting and eliminate the manpower and resources we had to allocate to this task.”

John K. Lavender

Director of Information Technology
Lincoln County Health System