Business Intelligence & Healthcare

Healthcare is an information dependent industry. It is critical for healthcare systems to employ technology solutions that take data, turn it into real time information and present visual findings to allow users to make it actionable. Divergent information in delivery of care is regularly aggregated and applied to clinical diagnoses, financial decisions, procurement of supplies and drugs, capital equipment and more. Misinformed decisions are costly and can impact the viability of an institution. Sentry operates a healthcare focused business intelligence platform providing operational, financial, and clinical visibility, which is crucial to any institution’s future. The ability to aggregate data from disparate sources into a rules based engine in real time is the cornerstone of the healthcare business intelligence foundation.

Sentry’s rules-based; data-driven decision engine seamlessly aggregates, organizes and normalizes a vast array of disparate information to provide clients with pharmacy procurement management and regulatory compliance solutions. Supply chain management and pharmacy administrators manage drug purchases, identify cost-savings opportunities, and respond to external audits by leveraging the system’s powerful reporting capabilities. This broad range of capabilities is easily and securely accessible from any web browser, a key differentiator to other offerings in the market. Underpinning the intuitive user interface is a cutting edge technology infrastructure designed for peak performance and virtually limitless scalability, positioning Sentry for continued growth in an expanding market.

“The cornerstone of any successful healthcare organization will be ‘healthcare business intelligence’ and Sentry’s commitment to this concept has been ingrained in the development of every technology platform we support.”

- Travis Leonardi CEO & Founder Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

“What we do is take data and convert it into information, then compile it in a format that allows our clients to make decisions and changes that have a positive effect on their financial and operational performance.”

- William D. Kirsh, DO, MPH. Chief Medical Officer Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

Sentry Data Systems is a healthcare technology vendor with years of experience handling voluminous amounts of sensitive information. This data from our hundreds of clients is stored in a series of secure and scalable servers with back-ups in place at various points around the country.

We are prepared to handle millions of transactions and an even greater influx of data on a daily basis, but we don’t just store the data, we help clients utilize it.

“There is a profound advantage to having the ability to drive one’s business and operational decision making based upon historical purchase behavior and utilization, and this is an underlining factor in Sentry’s approach to business intelligence.”

- Travis Leonardi CEO & Founder
Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

Sentry provides innovative technology solutions to core customers and enhanced analytics in areas of healthcare business intelligence to address the ever-growing needs of creating meaningful applications of historical data for the improvement of patient care.

Sentry is not only in a position to assist existing clients with their pharmacy analytical needs, but provides expanded services to other healthcare stakeholders. Sentry has dedicated resources devoted to this growth area of the company led by our Chief Pharmacy Officer, Dawn DeAngelo, PharmD.

Key Sentry leaders speak to various C-Suite level healthcare individuals at a variety of conferences and forums throughout the nation, bridging the gap between voluminous data and providing guidance surrounding its utilization to assist with key decision making and planning based upon historical benchmarks used for analysis in clinical settings.

“Healthcare changes every day. If we’re going to have the consumer become more involved with their healthcare, we need to paint that future and give them the tools, and we look forward to improving healthcare with the management team at Sentry.”

- John Casillas Senior Vice President of Business Centered Systems HIMSS

Sentry is a Diamond level sponsor of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), a global organization focused on using information technology to improve healthcare. As a data intense technology analytics company, Sentry was invited to serve on the counsel of HIMSS G7, a thought leadership group dedicated to creatively and collaboratively planning for the future of healthcare technology and finance.

Sentry has contributed to the editorial content of these works:

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William D. Kirsh, DO, MPH
Chief Medical Officer
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Leaders from Sentry and other HIMSS members help develop forward-thinking technologies that are displayed in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase at the organization’s annual conference. G7 members also contribute to industry education through white papers and reference guides such as the ICD-10 Playbook.

Sentry’s experience with managing massive amounts of data gives them key insights into the work necessary for aggregating information for online healthcare portals and other cutting-edge healthcare service modalities.