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Sentry delivers technology solutions to 340B stakeholders. Our compliance software serves more than 800 contract pharmacy relationships for Covered Entities and Community/Outpatient pharmacies across the country.

Full 340B Participation Includes Contract Pharmacy

Eligible hospitals can experience significant benefits from contracting with Community/Outpatient pharmacies in their area to extend their 340B participation, which increases the hospital’s ability to aid underserved or uninsured patients in its community in keeping with its Safety Net Mission.

In this relationship, the Community/Outpatient pharmacy is dispensing, billing, and collecting payments for 340B eligible medications provided to patients of the Covered Entity on its behalf.

For Covered Entities, this agreement can improve many factors including continuity of care, patient satisfaction, and 340B benefits maximization.

For Community/Outpatient pharmacies, this agreement can improve many factors including patient loyalty, profit margins, and front-end purchase potential.

Both stakeholders need to place compliance and 340B integrity at the forefront of their relationship, and to do this requires attention to detail and a third-party compliance software partner with contract pharmacy experience.

“With 400 audits coming in 2013, 340B stakeholders really need to evaluate their compliance, analyze their vendor’s documentation capabilities, and perform regular self-audits.”

Michael J . Sovie, Pharm. D., MBA



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Discover the Benefits of Contract Pharmacies

Learn more about the beneficial partnership opportunities for Covered Entities and Community/Outpatient pharmacies in a White Paper that addresses the advantages offered to all 340B stakeholders through these relationships.

Michael J. Sovie offers his insight as both a former hospital DOP and the Senior VP of Sales at Sentry in his look at the ins-and-outs of Contract Pharmacy management.

The second White Paper in the series – “340B Contract Pharmacies” – is available for a free download. It provides an overview of Contract Pharmacy arrangements and a look at the details of the relationship including dispensing fees, compliance requirements, legislative implications, and the necessity of a capable third-party software vendor for all stakeholders.


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Find out why more than 800 Covered Entities and Community/Outpatient pharmacies across the country use Sentrex to manage their 340B participation.